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The Internet abounds with all sorts of information on streaming web radio, but unless you can be reasonably sure of its source and accuracy, be wary. For example, information about streaming web radio posted in Internet newsgroups can be flawed. Even if the streaming web radio document contains great technical detail, there is often no hard evidence to back up the claims. Don't make the mistake of accepting gossip as truth, which may prove to be professionally and financially embarrassing.

While embarrassment is rarely fatal, more serious consequences can result from following streaming web radio advice posted in newsgroups or on websites. While someone may be well-meaning in offering the information, can you trust it? Is this person a streaming web radio consumer who has actually purchased and used the products or are they just an opinionated individual? Or are they a competitor? How To Get Free Stuff From The Internet!

 by: Jonathan White

Have you ever wondered how many free things you can get from the Internet? If you take a step back and looked at the situation you will realise that you can get thousands of free stuff from the Internet. These freebies can be things like free pens, free scripts, free web hosting, free memberships and subscriptions to some online sites and even free cash.

So now you know that there are lots of free stuff that you can obtain from the Internet, the only thing that you are probably thinking now is "where's the best place to find all of these freebies."

Well, truthfully there are many places across the Web where you can find freebies. The best places are probably specialty directories that offer free stuff. These are normally large categorized directories that contain and list a large amount of freebies that are offered by many different websites/ businesses across the World Wide Web. For example, is a large categorized directory that offers free stuff.

So your question now is probably, "why do so many businesses give away free stuff and why are there so many of them doing this?" There are many reasons why businesses give away free stuff. One of the main reasons why businesses give away free stuff is so that they can promote their business. When these businesses give away free things, they normally imprint their business details on the free stuff. This is so they can promote their business, which will in return give their business more exposure not only from the World Wide Web, but also from the offline world.

Other than finding free stuff from using free stuff directories, you can also find free stuff from using other sites on the Web. These include individual sites that offer free stuff, but also offer other services other than free stuff. For example, you can get free reprint able articles from where you can use them on your site for free.

About The Author

Jonathan White has been involved in Free Stuff on the Web for over one year now and is the Webmaster of - a categorized free stuff directory listing well over 1000 freebies.

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