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As you are aware the World Wide Web is a collection of electronic documents that are linked together like a spider web. As you explore this Network you will find lots of information on sound equipment sales. In fact we estimate that you will locate no less than 10,000 documents or web sites on sound equipment sales.

The sound equipment sales websites or pages are located on computers which are called servers. Some servers are exclusively dedicated to sound equipment sales.

If a sound equipment sales supplier is sufficiently committed to their marketing that they develop their own server technology to service sound equipment sales customers then you can be reasonably confident that they are there for the long haul. Part Time Internet Marketing with A Full Time Approach

 by: David Cooper

The deluge of people wanting to make money on the internet has exploded in the past few years. It's getting to the point where anyone that has a computer has heard of or has been tempted by such income. From affiliate marketing to playing around on e-bay, "wanna-be" Internet marketers and online business entrepreneurs are abundant.

This explosion has in part, been fueled by entrepreneurs that have "day jobs." Internet marketing and online business, "on the side" is commonplace with today's "day job" work force. The online business explosion is also due to the myriad of opportunities available, the tools available and all of the knowledge right at our mouse tips. Another driver is the whole notion of continuous learning. These same entrepreneurs from all walks of life realize that learning the internet, learning marketing, learning about the tools and information at hand is a continuous learning experience. That is, if they want to be a player and do things right. New methods, new tools, new information are emerging daily. Staying on top of the latest trends is just as important as learning a fundamental base.

Internet marketing and having an online business can be done part time and appear as if it is full time. These part-timers can have that full-time business, "on the side." In the virtual world, the behind the scenes operations are numerous and by definition do not have to be viewed as part time. The key is to use a full time, automated system that pays the proper amount of attention to prospects and customers.

The number one reason people don't buy immediately from an online business or website is that they don't see value right away. Sometimes value is there but the casual browser misses it. What is needed is an automatic system that can contact the browser again and again to communicate the marketing message, its benefits and most importantly its ultimate value. This automatic system gives the marketer the full time attention necessary to sell online. One way to do this is with an autoresponder system.

An autoresponder is best described as a "fax on demand system for e-mail." It is an automatic email sender that sends your marketing and sales message to those expressing interest in what you offer. The exciting part is that it can continuously send follow up emails to the prospects as frequently as you designate. If the autoresponder is framed properly, your chances of getting an order increase with each message and/or each contact to a prospect. This is known as a sequential autoresponder and is the basis of all automatic full time Internet marketing systems.

Once you get attention, interest and desire from your browser and they take the action to sign up for something, you then respond to their request with more attention, on a regular, full time basis.

A good autoresponder is worth its weight in gold. Many times you will be thankful for email being sent on your behalf because you don't have to take the time to send manually. The autoresponder sends it but makes you appear as if you were paying full time attention to your customers.

Another automatic step of internet marketing offering full time attention is the one step autoresponder. "Send a blank e-mail to ( to receive a free special report on (a subject designated by you)." This comes in real handy in an e-zine for instance. You can shorten the ezine articles, (which internet browsers and readers prefer) by stating, "…for the rest of this article send a blank email to" This is a time message autoresponder. Your reader gets the article in his or her email box and you get notified of someone with a particular interest (not to mention permission to market to subsequently).

We could spend all of our time here just on this one powerful, automatic, full time weapon, the autoresponder, but there are other parts to your automatic, full time, attention giving, marketing system.

1. Pop Up Windows - one strategy that utilizes automation is the exit pop up box. Be creative in the message to try and snag a person that has already decided to leave your site. Use a free offer or reduced price or a bribe to get the browser to take one more look, one more consideration and maybe even a purchase. After all when the browser is leaving, you have lost the sale. Pop Up boxes try one more time to snag their interest. Any sale from a last ditch effort is like a bonus to you. They were leaving anyway so be creative.

2. Free e-course - a variation of autoresponder emails, sent out on regular intervals can be called or marketed as an e-course. Remember, getting an interested party's email address is gold in the world of internet marketing. These interested parties are more likely to buy from you, now or later, as you market to them over and over.

3. Check out for a recommended autoresponder. They offer Unlimited autoresponders, follow ups, email broadcasts, and even offer a free test drive. Some web hosting services and shopping cart systems also offer autoresponders.

4. Autoresponders, e-courses, follow up messages and pop up boxes can be set up to:

  • Offer a free subscription to your ezine.

  • Offer a sample or trial

  • Convert prospects to paying clients

  • Create loyal fans

  • Offer free special reports positioning you as an expert

  • Giving something of value away for free to keep interest

All of the above systems are your automated sales force. Because you do all the work preparing and setting up, once they are unleashed, they do all the work for you, automatically, 24/7. You go to your day job knowing your automatic sales force is hard at work.

The easiest, fastest and most cost effective way to increase your online business is to increase your follow up efforts. Anything set up automatically to do this is the answer. Anything set up to offer full time attention is also the answer; all while you are at your day job.

About The Author

David Cooper is the editor of the 1Source-WebMarketing Newsletter. David specializes in helping people with their Internet marketing efforts by offering real world tips and strategies. Subscribe to his FREE newsletter at:

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