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With billions of web pages online, you could spend a lifetime surfing the Web for interviews with musicians, following links from one page to another. Amusing perhaps, but not very efficient if you are after some specific interviews with musicians information. One of the biggest complaints we hear concerns the difficulty of finding targeted information. Where do you start? Searching the Internet requires part skill, part luck and a little bit of art. Fortunately, we are here to help with the hunt.

You've probably heard of search engines such as Yahoo!, Google, and AltaVista. There are literally dozens of these tools to help you locate the interviews with musicians information you're looking for. The trick is understanding how they work, so you can use the right tool for the job and if the returned list of interviews with musicians sites is useable. We've done this and our summary below will save you hours and hours of time. Using Anchor Text Optimization In Your Article Viral Marketing Campaign

 by: Carl Seppanen

What is Anchor Text Optimization?

Anchor text optimization consists of the visible hyperlinked text on a webpage (e.g. in your article). Here's an example of anchor text optimization: Articles for Ezines. Putting your keywords into the anchor text has been discovered to be a significant factor in search engine rankings, as found in Google.

The History of Anchor Text Optimization.

Anchor Text Optimization was discovered by bloggers and has also been referred to as 'google bombing'. The bloggers in an experiment, put the anchor text of 'miserable failure' into their links, all pointing to the presidents website. Now, when you type 'miserable failure' into Google, the top result returned is the presidents website.

Importance of Keywords.

Writing free reprint articles is a great way to drive traffic to your sites and increases your business sales. However, much care must be taken in order to be sure that your article is actually using keywords that users are looking for in the search engines. Research suggests that 70-80% of all traffic to websites come directly from the search engines.

Benefits of Carefully Chosen Keywords and Anchor Text Optimization

If you write your free reprint articles based around carefully chosen keywords, your articles stand a strong chance of receiving significant traffic. It also helps if your article is optimized for the search engines. Typically, this involves having the keywords in the title, meta-tags, etc. By Anchor Text Optimizing your articles you will have in place the same mechanism that the bloggers successfully used. Imagine having your article posted on 30 different websites using this method. You would have 30 sites that link to your site via the authors resource box. And in this resource box is your Anchor text optimized link. It has been found that it can be done with as little as 20 inbound links. Your site may very well be ranked higher in search engine results for your chosen keywords as a result of utilizing this method. Good Luck!

About The Author

Carl Seppanen is an internet guru and frequent contributor to is Your Source for FREE and License Based articles for writers and small biz: .

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