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Few sites can survive from advertising revenue alone. The amount of money spent by companies to advertise online palls in comparison to what is spent in media outlets like radio, TV and magazines. With the current economic downtown and the demise of many dotcom companies, online advertising for Listen On The Net has declined dramatically. Although it is expected to rebound later this year, most of the revenue goes to a handful of large sites. That's where we come in. We have built this Listen On The Net site to assist you to find the best provider

Our website has been logically and simply structured to enable you to navigate the relevant Listen On The Net links, make direct contact with the relevant Listen On The Net website, purchase from that website and to return for subsequent trading. Our site map provides you with all the links you will ever need.21 Hot Niche Minisite Profit Ideas

 by: Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian

How To Use The Power Of HOT 'In-Demand' Niches To INSTANTLY Get More New Business Than You Can Handle!

Everyone's talking about profiting from "Niche Marketing" - but no one's telling you exactly HOW to do it! Now you'll discover how to tap the incredible wealth lying hidden in hot, in-demand niches - in 21 different ways.


When you build a website around a niche - a 'niche minisite' - you'll attract a very specific audience to it. Advertisers and marketers will pay a premium to place their ads in front of this viewership if it is targeted to their needs. Selling ad space - at much higher price than generic run-of-the-mill ad space - is a proven strategy to profit from niches.


Pay-per-Click (or PPC) ads are ones where you, the niche minisite owner, get paid whenever anyone clicks on them. By placing targeted PPC ads on your niche website, you'll find it easy to get enough clicks from visitors to make a tidy profit. Two new services make it easy for you to get started:

Idea #3 - SELL BOOKS, CDs & DVDs

The Web is an information-centric medium. People reach your niche minisite in 'research mode'. And by directing them to resources offering more information, you can sell them many different products. Books, CDs, DVDs and videos are just some of the many information products you can sell to visitors - and earn a profit.


If you build a niche minisite around a visually appealing theme, you could offer extra value to your visitors by providing links to places they can buy pictures or posters. Niche marketing attracts passionately enthusiastic prospects who want all they can find on a particular topic. Give it to them - and you've built a very lucrative business!

A great resource to find posters and pictures on a variety of topics is


You've heard it before - "The Power Is In Your LIST".

Building your own in-house list of targeted prospects becomes incredibly effective when you apply intelligent niche marketing. Offer something of interest to your audience - an ebook, a set of tips, a collection of articles, an audio or video tape, a poster, book, anything at all. Promise to give them more of the same.

In return, ask them to share their contact details - email, phone number, address. Over time, you'll build a big list of prospects, all interested in the subject of your niche minisite.


Niche minisites are a great way to 'trial market' a new product or service. You could offer your visitors a sample or review copies of your new release, in return for feedback, a testimonial, or any other service. It's an easy, inexpensive, low risk method to test your product's impact in the marketplace.


One of the highest profit systems for niche minisite marketing is to sell your own product or service through it. Build a niche website around your product, and offer it for sale to visitors. Or focus your niche minisite around a problem, mention how your product solves it... And then sell it to them!


Niche minisites designed around a theme can promote services - your own or someone else's. You could use a direct selling model, or a 'softer' approach where your site subtly highlights the benefits of ordering the service.


Can you create regularly updated content which your target audience perceives to be high value? Then you can sell newsletter subscriptions to your niche minisite visitors and profit from this content.

Has this whet your apetite for more niche minisite marketing ideas? You can get the other 13 ideas by sending any email to

All success,

Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian

Build YOUR Niche Minisites NOW...

About The Author

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian has been building profitable niche minisites since 1998. He recently launched "INSTANT NICHE MINISITES" - a Web-based tool you can use to 'point-and-click' your way to creating niche marketing websites.

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